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GoodCSR is a program management system developed by Samhita that helps you make intelligent decisions about CSR.

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What is GoodCSR?
An intelligent project management system with a range of features designed to make the management of your CSR, effortless.
How does it work?
Knowledge Centre
The knowledge centre provides insights to help you make informed decisions about your CSR. It's everything you need to know about CSR.
Primers detailing best practices on popular CSR interventions
CSR Learning series on
- Section 135 of the Companies Act
- Implementing CSR programs
CSR Forum
- Blogs on best practices and learnings
- Webinars and hangouts
CSR news and updates
GoodCSR is an initiative of Samhita Social Ventures and is supported by Collective Good Foundation and Tata Trusts.
Our Partners
Tata Trusts are amongst India's oldest, non-sectarian philanthropic organisations that work in several areas of community development. Tata Trusts seek to be catalysts in development through giving grants to institutions in the areas of Natural Resources Management, Rural Livelihoods, Urban Livelihoods & Poverty, Education, Enhancing Civil Society and Governance, Health and Media Arts, Crafts and Culture.
The Collective Good Foundation is a registered public charitable trust which partners with people and social organizations to create financially viable and sustainable solutions to various social, economic and environmental challenges.